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  1. controller.jpgEasy installation
    All CellarCool units include a simple mounting flange set up which makes it easy to mount the cooling unit onto the wall.  The flange helps to support the weight of the cooling unit, hold it in place and allow for a back drop to catch the caulking used to create an airtight fit.  Plug the unit in and you are ready to go.
  2. Heavy duty coils
    We have designed these units with thicker heavy duty coils which allow for more efficient operation.  The evaporator coils are coated to protect the units from corrosion due to acidic conditions in active cellars where wine makers barrel age their creations.

    The condenser coils are oversized to help manage the heat created during the units operation and effectively dissipate it through the backside of the unit.   This is especially important in warmer climates.
  3. State of the art controller
    We have incorporated the use of a state of the art controller to manage the operation of the cooling unit in the cellar.  This system allows our engineering staff the program the optimal performance variations so the unit will operate efficiently while maintaining the correct temperature and humidity in a properly designed cellar.

  1. Dynamic Airflow Circulation
    Our system includes a unique design no other manufacture in the industry has, dynamic airflow circulation. A challenge in many cellars is to assure even temperature (top to bottom) throughout the cellar.Stratification theory states that a cellar will create and even cooling based on the simple knowledge that warm air rises and cooler air falls, however, that does not address how to cool the warmer air that has risen to the top of the cellar. By channeling the air output both out the front of the unit and now out the top (at a 45 degree angle) as well, the air circulates more effectively throughout the cellar, creating more consistency top to bottom.

    This design is even more effective on the exhaust side of the cooling unit where exhaust temperatures are higher and ineffective airflow in the exhaust room can compromise any manufactures units ability to cool effectively.  This technique of circulating airflow will maximize the performance of the cooling unit in most environments.new-dac.jpg

  1. rear-finish.jpgDurable and attractive housing
    We have designed a cooling unit housing that is both attractive and durable. The color blends in well with wood racking and actually reflects the colors in the cellar.  The finish is very durable and will stand up to scratches and fingerprints for a nicer look.
  2. Condensate management system
    We have added a heavy duty coating to the inside of the housing to prevent rust and deterioration which customers have complained about in our competitors units.  We designed the base of the unit to effectively drain all the condensate created during operation.
  3. Multiple mounting positions
    The CellarCool units can be mounted in a number of ways to maximize performance or fit neatly as a replacement to competitors units.  To capitalize on the dynamic airflow principle for the exhaust side, the unit should be mounted in a position which allows the rear of the unit to stick out approximately four inches.  This allows airflow to come from the back and top of the unit.

    To fit as a replacement to a competitors unit, simply flush mount the CellarCool into the same location.  Do not be concerned about covering the top vents. Adequate airflow will come out the rear even if the top vents are covered.