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In the unlikely event you have troubles with your cooling unit, please review these troubleshooting tips.

    1. Unit not turning ON or clicking?
      Power Requirements:
      1. Dedicated 110V, 20 amp circuit
      2. A Surge Protector

      When the CellarCool starts to operate, it draws several times more power (amps) during the start-up cycle than it does during normal operation. Make sure you have the CellarCool on a dedicated electrical line that is controlled by a circuit breaker with sufficient capacity, usually at least 20 amps. See the Product Information Table (to be provided) to find the correct amperage and circuit breaker capacity for your unit.

      Make sure that the power line for the CellarCool does not have any additional equipment installed on that circuit. An extra load on the line may be drawing power away from the CellarCool unit. In some cases it may not be readily apparent that an additional appliance or electrical device as been installed on the circuit breaker. It may require some investigation and a call to your electrician for clarification.

    1. Not cooling?
      In many cases, the cellar construction/unit installation is the source of a cooling unit not performing to expectation. We have found that these key points can dramatically affect how well the cooling unit can maintain the ideal cellar environment:
      1. Unit Airflow
        Airflow is the most critical aspect of unit operation, if the unit cannot effectively move air across its coils than the process of heat exchange will not take place. The unit needs ample, obstruction free, space on both sides of the installation with a absolute minimum clearance of 3 feet from the face of each side
      2. Exhaust Ventilation
        The area that the unit exhausts into is crucial to how well the unit can perform, as each unit is designed to cool up to a certain temperature delta. For example, if the specified delta is 30°F and the ideal cellar temperature is 55°F, the exhaust environment cannot exceed 85°F. In some cases ducting the exhaust air or adding a ventilation system to the room resolves the issue.
      3. Unit Installation
        For optimal performance we specify that the top of Through-the-Wall units should be installed no lower than 18-inches from the ceiling, and a Split System no lower than 6-inches. Review the installation guidelines found in your owners manual for specific details on your application.
      4. Cellar Door
        The cellar door can be the weak point in having a sealed cellar. When a cellar is not properly sealed the warm, humid air from outside the cellar constantly inhibits the cooling unit from maintaining the proper cellar environment.

    1. Excessive Condensation?
      In the event the unit starts leaking water from anywhere but the drain line, unplug the unit to prevent possible water damage. Excessive condensation can be a result from a couple of situations:
      1. Humidity
        The cellars construction plays a major role in the unit’s ability to maintain proper humidity in the cellar. If the cellar is absorbing heat from the space around it, the humidity level will rise and the cooling units will dissipate more condensate than designed. This can cause the units interior drain pan to overflow and find its way out of the unit.
      2. Clogged Drain
        Drain lines can become clogged with dust that is filtered from the air into the evaporator. The evaporate then carries the dust down into the pan and can form a clog over time, regular coil maintenance can easily prevent this from happening. To repair a clog that is inside the unit, please contact customer service to receive authorization to open your unit. Failure to do so will void any warranties.

  1. Icing?
    Icing can occur when the unit works non-stop for an excessive period of time or if the unit’s thermostat has been set too cold for the environment. In the unlikely event you experience icing, when the evaporator side begins building up ice, unplug the unit and allow the unit to defrost. Be sure to protect the racking, wall, and floor from the water that melts off. Please contact customer service for further unit troubleshooting and repair options.

If you are still experiencing issues or your problem is not covered in this section, feel free to call 1-855-Cellar-1 to get the help you need.