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Why You Should Choose CellarCool-

Custom wine cellars come in various shapes and sizes. When a cooling system is required, you need a high quality product designed specifically for wine cellars. CellarCool delivers exceptional commercial grade cooling systems for HVAC/R technicians to install in private wine cellars, restaurants, and winery projects. We have a national network of qualified contractors for support. Please call us toll free at 1-855-235-5271 or fill out the simple contractor locator form and we will connect you with contractors in your area to assist you with sizing the proper cooling system and to offer quotes for equipment, installation and extended service plans.


– CellarCool is manufactured by a large, experienced industry leader of cooling units. With over twenty years of experience, the manufacture has extensive knowledge on the challenges of operating cooling units in all types of environments all over the United States and thorough the world. Through this special relationship, we are able to utilize their experience in making an affordable yet efficient system that will last for many years, in a properly designed wine cellar.

– We require that all cooling units go through an extensive quality control testing program prior to receiving our approval. Individual components are tested from the factory. Our inspectors check every braze to assure they are done correctly.  Assembly procedures are written and illustrated in great detail so employees understand the importance of getting it right every time.

– Our systems have been designed with the latest technology and utilize industry improvements to maximize performance. Our manufacturer’s engineers work closely with their suppliers to source the best, most efficient products to incorporate into our systems. From fan suppliers to compressor manufactures, ongoing engineering and design improvements are a focal point in our success.

– Our research and developement team is committed to a process of continuous improvement. We are in the process of refining existing designs and developing new products. We may call you with a survey to see how our product has been utilized and determine your satisfaction with the product. Your feedback is important to us.

– All of our products are shipped Factory direct to you. Other manufacturers require their distributors to purchase inventory ahead of time and to store it at their location. We don’t want to take any chances that a unit may have sat unused for an extended period of time. The units we ship are made and tested within 45 days of the ship date. That way we know they are current as possible.

Ease of Use

– These systems are designed to be installed into any mounting location to solve the cooling requirements for the climate controlled environment. We have self-contained (through-the-wall) units for projects that have the proper ventilation to an adjacent space; evaporator coils only for technicians that are comfortable building their own custom systems; plug-n-play ductless systems with coils installed inside the cellar horizontal, vertical, or ceiling mounted; and fully ducted systems for a virtually silent operation. We are proud of the high quality components that go into every CellarCool system and we offer an excellent warranty and preventive maintenance program.

Customer Service

– Customer satisfaction is the benchmark we use to define success in our business. We recognize that a satisfied customer is the most important factor in creating the future for our organization. By having our own in-house customer service team it will make it easier for the customer or the installer to have their questions answered in a timely manner. Call us, 1-855-235-5271, if we can’t help you, then we don’t deserve your business.

– We will work with you extensively to assure your unit is working as effectively as possible. We even routinely work with customers on their specific cellar installations and note deficiencies in vapor barriers and insulation materials (concrete walls) which adversely affect the unit’s performance or efficiency. Our customer service team is experienced in the HVAC/R field. This helps make sure that there are fewer issues with the installation of our products.

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