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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Ultimate Plus Series

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Ultimate Plus Series

The CellarCool Ultimate Plus –

The Ultimate Plus Series is a large, self-contained, fully ducted unit. A Self-contained system means that the two essential parts of a wine cellar cooling unit—the evaporator unit and the condensing unit—share a single housing. (Split systems, on the other hand, separate the condensing unit and evaporator unit.) Many self-contained units mount through a wall, with the evaporator side venting cool air into the wine cellar and the condenser side venting hot exhaust air into an adjacent room such as a utility room.

The Ultimate Plus, on the other hand, is also fully ducted. Fully ducted units do not mount inside the cellar. They can be mounted anywhere within 25 duct feet of the cellar. The cool evaporator air will be ducted into the cellar, and the hot exhaust air from the condenser will be ducted elsewhere, usually outside via exterior vents.

Features of the CellarCool Ultimate Plus Series

The first and most obvious benefit of a fully ducted self-contained unit is the ducting options. The Ultimate Plus Series is unique, as technicians can run the ducting from the top or side of these units.

Other features of the Ultimate Plus unit includes:

Remote KDT Plus controller: This flat-panel digital control mounts outside the cellar, allowing you to monitor the temperature of your cellar and control your Ultimate Plus cooling unit without needing to step inside.

Compatibility with 24-volt thermostat conversion kit: Our 24-volt conversion kit is available as an add-on at the time of purchase with Ultimate Plus units. This kit replaces the Ultimate Plus Series bottle probe and KDT Plus controller. The customer will need to select and purchase a 24-volt thermostat of their choice to control their unit. A smart thermostat such as Nest, Ecobee, or Honeywell may be selected.

Corrosion-resistant drip tray: Ultimate Plus Series units have stainless steel drip trays that resist corrosion. Pan tabs are also available on select units to prevent the build-up of microbial growth and mold.

Benefits of Fully Ducted Self-Contained Units

The main advantage of fully ducted self-contained wine cellar cooling systems is flexibility. These units offer more flexible installation options than non-ducted self-contained units. If you have limited cellar space and require a powerful cooling unit, the Ultimate Plus is an excellent choice. The Ultimate Plus unit works well when installed in an attic or an adjacent utility room. From there, ducts carry the cool air into the room. Ducts also move the hot exhaust air to a safe location. The Ultimate Plus Series’ blower orientations ensure that your installing technician will have numerous installation options.


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